JONATHAN BOAL Cinematographer

First off, let me say that I firmly believe in using the right tool for the right job! I have experience with a wide range of formats, from 35mm anamorphic to the GoPro. So I am open to working with anything (except the iPhone, no seriously). That being said, here is some gear that I own:

  • Arri Amira Package (EF or PL mount) 
  • Sony Venice Package
  • FX9 Package
  • FX6 Package
  • WCU-4 Wireless Follow focus
  • O'Conner 1040 with 100mm flowtech legs
  • Cartoni fluid head and sticks
  • Teradeck Bolt wireless video system
  • Zeiss PL mount LWZ 15.5-45
  • Canon 17-120 PL mount Zoom
  • E-mount 12-24, 24-105, 35 prime and 85 prime
  • Cooke S7 Set
  • TV Logic 5.6" monitor 
  • Flanders Scientific 17" monitor
  • SmallHD 702
  • Egro Rig
  • Litemat 4
  • Gemini 2x1 litepanel 
  • Arri L7-C LED fresnel, with chimera 
  • Dana Dolly with motion control rig
  • Various Grip and Rigging gear

Using Format